If there is a question or a specific area of your life that you would like me to focus on, please do say so as it is helpful for me to know what event(s) have triggered a desire for a reading. This applies to any reading offered.

It's important to me that you receive personal, detailed-yet-clear information that is helpful to you on a practical level.

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The Sampler


Great for a first timer, this reading is a bit of a Natal Reading and a bit of a Transit Report. It includes the explanation of your Destiny Line and the dominant themes of your life, and it provides information and suggestions related to the major planetary influences that are in place for you now and one year into the future. This report comes over email in less than 24 hours.

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Natal Reading


An exhaustive look at your entire chart, including your Evolutionary Path, Destiny Line, major patterns and placements.

This reading requires your participation and is a major work that remains valid for your entire life.

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Evolutionary Path


An exploration of the soul’s purpose through an understanding of the current theme of the evolving Self. We’ll touch on the prior lives or situations from the past that have informed the current theme, any potential obstacles, previously developed capacities, and the balancing point to aim at to continue your evolution. With an examination of the Destiny Line, we will also discuss the ways to assist with the intended evolution of the soul.

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Current Concern


Getting to the heart of what concerns you most, this popular reading focuses on the issue (or two) that you most want to know about. The question or concern can be about anything at all (work, relationship, parents, etc.), as specific or broad as you prefer. This reading can be skyped or written, as you prefer.

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Someone New


Have you met someone new and want to know more about the connection between the two of you? This reading will examine the areas of ease and difficulty with your newest crush, friend, or co-worker. If applicable, the past-life connection between you two will also be touched upon. You will need to know the birthday, birth location, and time of birth of your new friend.

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Solar Return


This reading provides an overview of the challenges and areas of focus from birthday to birthday. Every year on our birthday, we are imprinted with an energetic signature that unfolds over the year. How the signature sits in the wheel depends on where you are on your birthday, so beyond your natal birthdata, I will need to know the city in which you will spend your special day.

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Transit Reports

‘Transits’ describe what is going on in the sky now as it relates to your natal chart.

When planets change houses or interact with certain locations in our chart, we have a special opportunity to address particular aspects of our psyche, let go of the past, make changes in our lives, begin or end relationships, change careers, etc. We can do these things any time we want to, of course, but when we cooperate with the planetary energies, it’s like having the wind at our back – things are easier than they would be at other times. Also, we don’t focus on every issue, challenge, gift or goal in every moment of life.

There is a season for everything; transits describe when we will be likely to address particular issues or areas.

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Long Term Transits


50€ off if purchased with a Natal Chart Reading

An analysis of major transits and outer planet house changes over a period of at least one year.

This includes important connections from transiting planets to your natal planets, retrogrades, and any important contacts happening in the progressed chart.

This is for people who want to consciously work with the energetic influences & plan important projects with auspicious timing.

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Quarterly Transits


50€ off if purchased with a Natal Chart Reading

Covering a 3-month period of your choice, this report details the movements of the ‘personal’ inner planets and their contacts to your natal planets.

The changing of houses by outer planets and retrogrades, if applicable, are also discussed.

This report includes suggestions of how best to take advantage of these influences.