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A Quality Astrology reading will provide you with a larger frame from which to understand yourself and your life

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About Quality Astrology

A Quality Astrology reading won’t tell you who or what you are in a cookie-cutter type of way.

We will chat first, then I will break down, synthesize, and understand your chart.

After that, I will custom-write a document for you that will deepen with meaning over the years.

Quality Astrology is a blend of the formal study of Stephanie Austin’s EcoAstrology and Jeff Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, the books of Dane Rudhyar, and over 3 decades of independent study.

The blend of these perspectives creates what Rudhyar refers to as Eyes of Wholeness.

Everything is relative to something else and it all exists within a larger cycle of change for a specific reason. Nothing is good or bad, it just is, and everything is accepted.

Astrological readings done with quality and care

On the Readings page, you’ll find readings of all types, from the annual Solar Return to the inter-personal Relationship Readings, from the very deep Natal Readings to the more day-to-day type of Current Concerns Reading.

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A few testimonials

Thank you so much for your reading. My goodness it is so dense, I think it will take me a while to assimilate it all! One part literally took my breath away and I had to gasp for air...


“Wow, impressive reading. Piercing, honest, and extremely objective. Excellent job.”


“I read it and i have to say I'm amazed with your reading !! It took me a while to read everything in one go, because it was so intense! I had to read it several times to start understanding it!”


“Your spirit comes and soothes me at a time when, unfortunately, I am being quite hard on myself. Thank you for your kindness... Bless you, Emma. I feel so much love from this reading.”


“I resonate strongly with, and love the permission inherent in your words to pursue this even more! I am so grateful to you for this.”